2017 FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California

2015 FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California

2013 FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California

2013 JON GINSBURG GALLERY, Creative Center, Visalia, California

2010  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

2008  ARTS VISALIA, Visalia, California.

2007  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

2006  PORTERVILLE COLLEGE ART GALLERY, Porterville, California.

2005  JON GINSBURG GALLERY, Creative Center, Visalia, California

2004  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

1999  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

1998  GALLERY 198, Three Rivers, California.

1996  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

1995  FRESNO ART MUSEUM, Fresno, California. Artist-in-Residence.

1994  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.

1993  CORT GALLERY, Three Rivers, California.

1990  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California.


1988  CORT GALLERY, Three Rivers, California.


1996  On “WORKS IN PROGRESS” on KMTF (Valley Public T.V.) on 1/20/96, Fresno, California. The featured artist on this program focusing on artists of Central California.


2017 PORTERVILLE COLLEGE ART GALLERY, “Faculty Exhibition”, Porterville, California.

2015 PORTERVILLE COLLEGE ART GALLERY, “Faculty Exhibition”, Porterville, California.

2012  FRESNO ART MUSEUM, Fresno, California,  “Fig Tree Gallery 50th Anniversary”.

ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR, Three Rivers, California.

FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California. “Self”

2010  ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR, Three Rivers, California.

2007  FRESNO CITY HALL, Fresno, California. “Fig Tree Gallery Artists”.

2006  ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR, Three Rivers, California.

2005  MERCED MULTICULTURAL ARTS CENTER, Merced, California. “Fig Tree Gallery Artists”.

2004  ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR, Featured Artist, Three Rivers, California.

2003  FRESNO ART MUSEUM, Fresno, California. “River Images”.

COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS GALLERY, Visalia, California. “Faculty Exhibit”.

ART SPACE GALLERY, Fresno City College, Fresno, California. “Faculty Exhibit”.

2002  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California. “E.Z. Smith, James Entz, Howard Statham”

MANY HANDS GALLERY, San Diego, California. “From Generation to Generation”.

2001  KINGS ART CENTER, Hanford, California. “Paintings by James Entz, Poetry by Barbara Templin with illustrations by Lori Adamek”.

NORTEL NETWORKS, Santa Clara, California.

2000  BRYAN OHNO GALLERY, Seattle, Washington.

MAD RIVER POST, San Francisco, California. “Spring Exhibition”.

1997  PLUMS CONTEMPORARY ARTS, Fresno, California.

1996  COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS GALLERY, Visalia, California. “Faculty Exhibit”.

1992  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California. “James Entz / Pablo Schugurensky / Recent Work”

1990  FIG TREE GALLERY, Fresno, California. “Figuratively Speaking”.

1989  WEST HILLS COLLEGE ART GALLERY, Coalinga, California. “Fig Tree Gallery Artists”.

1988  ARTISTS’ STUDIO TOUR, Los Angeles, California.

1986  OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN EXHIBITION CENTER, Los Angeles, California. Master of Fine Arts Exhibition.

CAL ARTS, Valencia, California. “Education / Exchange / Exhibition”.


1985  OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN EXHIBITION CENTER, Los Angeles, California. “Inner Views, James Entz / Betty Rodger”.

SCOPE GALLERY, Los Angeles, California. “Otis/Parsons MFA Exhibition”.

1983  UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Irvine, California. “Undergraduate Show”.

1982  EIGHTH STREET GALLERY, Los Angeles, California. “Summer Show: Tim Alexander, Jim Entz, Annie Healy, Lisa Schuman”.


2013 “River and Light Archetype”, LEVAN HUMANITIES REVIEW, April 2013 (poetry)

Kimball, Karen, editor, SIERRA WONDERS, 2013, (poetry and reproduction)

2010  Collins, Aaron. “Three Rivers Artists Showcase,” VISALIA LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, July 2010. (reproductions)

2007  Collins, Aaron. “Who are Our Art Stars? Toward an All-Star Central California Art Collection,” VISALIA LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, July 2007. (reproductions)

2001  Swarm, Barbara. “Words, Color, Stir Images,”HANFORD SENTINEL (Hanford, California), January 19, 2001. (reproduction)

2000  Aguirre, Mary Lou. “Art Teachers Exhibit Their Work,” FRESNO BEE (Fresno, California), February 18, 2000. (reproduction)

1998  Hansen, Lisa M. “Nature’s Palette,” VISALIA TIMES-DELTA (Visalia, California), October 2, 1998. (reproductions)

Hale, David. “Eggs of Art,” FRESNO BEE, (Fresno, California), April 12, 1998. (reproduction)

1995  FRESNO ART MUSEUM PREVIEW, “Jim Entz: Accretionary  Reflections,” Spring Edition 1995. (reproductions)

1988  Varga, Lou. “A Piece of History,” VISALIA TIMES-DELTA (Visalia, California), June 27, 1988. (reproductions)

1982  PRODIGAL SUN, Prodigal Sun Press, University of California, Irvine. April 1982. (cover reproduction)

Robinson, Patricia. “Artist Banks on Students,” DOWNTOWN NEWS (Los Angeles, California), July 27,1982. (reproduction)


PROFESSOR. Porterville College, Porterville, California. 2005 to present.                                              –CHAIR, Fine & Applied Arts Division, Porterville College. 2010-15.

ADJUNCT FACULTY. College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California. 1988 to 2005

ADJUNCT FACULTY. Fresno City College. Fresno, California. 2002 to 2005

ADJUNCT FACULTY. Chapman University. Academic Center, Lemoore, California. 1996 to 1999.

INSTRUCTOR, Sequoia Natural History Association, Sequoia National Park, California. 1993 to 1996

ADJUNCT FACULTY. Reedley College, Reedley, California. 1989 to 1990.

ADJUNCT FACULTY. Porterville College, Porterville, California. 1989 to 1990.

MURAL PROJECTS. Through “Artists in the Schools” and funded independently, Tulare County, CA.

1997 Mural Project: Washington Elementary

1997 Mural project: Woodville School

1996 Mural project: Woodlake High School

1995 Mural project: Stone Corral School

1994 Ceramic Mosaic and Ceramic Panel Mural project: Springville School

1993 Mural project Three Rivers Unified School

1991 Mural project: Springville School

1989 Mural project: Woodville School

ARTIST / INSTRUCTOR. Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, California. 1984-87.

FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR. National Education Corporation, Newport Beach, California. 1983.

STAINED GLASS ARTIST. Jonathan Roberts Studio, Los Angeles , California.  1979 to 1980.


OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, Los Angeles, California. M.F.A. in Painting. 1986.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Irvine, California. B.A. in Studio Art. 1983.



2 thoughts on “Resume´

  1. Hi Jim. An amazing resume’. We were digitizing some old slides and found a few from FUMCR and Cedar Glen. Brought back many memories of good times with you and your family. Good to see you are doing well.
    Best regards,
    Tom & Nancy Stevens

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